Laser Alignment Division

After the motor is disassembled, the rotor should be checked for balance and shaft run out. Displacement versus Velocity this allows
a conversion between the two methods of measuring and reporting vibration. The same value of velocity at various speeds
is the same degree of vibration. Bearing vibration readings are normally taken on three planes – vertical, horizontal and axial.
Great care is taken to balance a motor for smooth operation and reliable bearing life.

Our Laser Alignment focuses on providing a service to ensure our clients experience the following i.e.:

Effects power consumption

  • Eliminates reaction forces and therefore reduces energy consumption.
  • Significant power savings can be4 made through accurate alignment.

Relation between Offset misalignment and Mechanical seal life

  • Protects the asset and increases the product quality as vibration is reduced to a very low level.
  • The larger the offset misalignment, the greater the reduction of mechanical seal life.

Rate of seal repairs

  • Extends machine availability as the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) increases.
  • Mechanical seal repairs declined by 65% following the introduction of precision alignment.

Rate of pump repairs

  • Increases maintenance savings through reduced parts consumption and storage costs. The rate of repairs was seen to decline as laser shaft alignment became an integral part of the pump repair schedule.